Thursday, 6 June 2013

TBe Happy With What You Have

There is a little girl who lived in a city.

She lived i a very luxurious live.


she wants,she'll get.

But she wasn't happy with

her life because she always wanted to be a princess.

Her friends didn't like her because shes was very

arrogant and stingy.

She only cares for herself

and doesn't care about others.

One day,her parents were injured badly in a
car accident.

They were fired out of their jobs

because they looked horrible as their faces
were badly torn.

Since the girl's father had alot of debts,
their house was taken away and the family
can only afford was just a 2 room HDB flat in a
very cheap estate.

The girl was very shameful

of herself.

Day by day the girl was being nicer.

Even a

little piece of bread she had,she would share it with

her friends.She had learned her lesson not to
be greedy ever again.

Moral:Be happy with what you have.Don't ask
for something you don't have.Don't be greedy.   

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