Saturday, 12 September 2015

make money online

1. Make Money Online by Blog
This is the best way to make money online. If you are passionate about blog and spend some time for that, then no doubt you can earn money online. For this, you need to start to write blogs. There are several free blog sites are available or You can start can start your own website for blog. Keep posting new content and attract your visitor into your blog. The amount of earning depends on your number of visitors to your blog.
You can earn money by Advertising ads into your site. If your site visitors are more then you can get several ads. You can earn money by Advertising ads into your site. If your site visitors are more then you can get several ads.
There are several ways to get Ads like AdSenseBlogAds and AdBrite etc.
2. Make Money Online by Affiliate Marketing
This method is also good for making money online. Affiliate Marketing means you have to promote others products and you will get commission back for that product. This commission is fixed before start Affiliate Marketing.
For this, you just need to display their product into your website and if your visitor purchase that product through your link then you will be tracked by advertiser. And you will get paid for that.
There are several networks for finding good product for Affiliate Marketing Like ClickBankCommission Junction and ShareaSale etc.
3. Make Money Online by Reseller Hosting
There are several reseller hosting providers are available in the market. You just need to sell their hosting resource like (hosting space, bandwidth, cpanel, domain etc) and you will a fixed amount of percentage.
The hosting providers Like godaddyHostgator Bigrock and Resellerclub etc.
4. Make Money Online by Uploading and Sharing files
If you are a creative people then there is a big change to earn more money through website. Just upload you creativity into uploading and sharing sites and make money. Here if you have not any technical skill or writing skill then also you can earn.
Some of Uploading and Sharing sites are: WuploadEasy Share Uploading and Ziddu etc.
5. Make Money Online by Clicking Ads
Some of the networks also offers money for just email reading. Its not fake believe me that really some websites are available in the market who just paying money for clicks.
Eg: Clicksense etc.
6. Make Money Online by Freelancing
Freelancing is one of the best ways to make money online. If you have expertise in any one of the field then you can earn money by freelancing. There are several freelancing sites are available where you can bid project according to your talent and expertise.
Some of freelance site are FreelancerOdeskElance etc.
7. Make Money Online by Selling own product
If you are good in any field then make own product and sell it online. If you are a good developer then develop some good software or application and sell it online as well as if you are creative web designer then you can earn huge money by just selling your designed templates.
8. Make Money Online by CPA
CPA is more close to Affiliate Marketing but more simple then that. In Affiliate Marketing you will get paid from Cost per Sale but in CPA you will get paid Cost per action. Suppose if your visitor visit that ads and did not purchase any thing but he fill any form or provide some information like emialId, phone number then you will get paid.
Best CPA network is Peerfly
9. Make Money Online by Writing Quality Articles
If you are a good writer then you can make money online by just Writing Quality Articles.
Some of the good websites are: ehow Squidoo SitePoint Hubpages

10. Make Money Online by Online Surveys
This is another great idea of making money online. In this method, there is no need to have good knowledge and no need to do hard work. Only register online paid survey network and give view, idea, suggestion, vote etc. and you will get paid.
Best Online Survey networks are :