Monday, 8 April 2013

Chrome for Android Update: Now Allows Password and Autofill Syncing

Chrome has been updated for Android phones to Chrome 26, and offers two new features that allows users to better manage their passwords on their mobile devices.

The first new feature is password syncing. This allows a user to store passwords into Chrome, so that users will not have to keep track of all the individual passwords themselves. This feature is optional if users do not wish to have their passwords saved for privacy and security reasons. These passwords will be saved across all devices that use Chrome, so it does not matter if you switch from laptop to smartphone to tablet, your passwords will come with you.

Another feature included in the update is form autofill syncing. This will permit Chrome to try and fill in forms you are filling out, so that users will not have to put in all the data themselves. This can save time and headaches, as filling out lengthy forms on a phone's keyboard can be frustrating and tedious.

Of course, users will have to be signed into their Google accounts in order to access these features, as Chrome cannot fill out your forms and passwords for you if it does not know who you are. The update is available now on the Google Play Store, and owners of an Android device can expect to be prompted to download the update soon if they have not already.

In addition to the two main features included in this brand-new update for Chrome, users can expect some stability improvements and general bug fixes with the update. So whether you are interested in getting the password and autofill syncing options or not, it will be a good idea to upgrade to Chrome 26 for these features alone. Anyone seeking more information about the update or Chrome should head on over to the Chrome Blog.

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