Sunday, 7 April 2013

Google Mapathon raises security concerns, Survey of India complains to Delhi police

Google Mapathon 2013 has triggered a controversy in India with the Survey of India, the official survey and mapping organisation of the country objecting to the Google online contesting for national security reasons.

The Survey of India has registered a complaint with the Delhi police saying that Mapathon 2013 contest held recently asking users to add information about their local areas for its online map services could jeopardize national security.

The contention of The Survey of India is that despite its insisting on Google to stop the contest through a letter, it did not get any revert from the company. The competition had raised security concerns among the country's security establishment earlier.

Delhi Police has confirmed that it received the complaint and will take the help of IT and cyber experts to look into the matter.

Google said the company took security and national regulations very seriously and was open to discussing specific concerns with public authorities and officials.

“Map Maker was launched in India with the goal of making local information more accessible to all, by allowing people to add information to Google Maps. Relevant Indian authorities, including the ministry of science and technology and the Surveyor General of India, have been briefed on Map Maker, which complies with all applicable laws,” It said in a statement.

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