Monday, 2 September 2013

A full tank of petrol ever backlog ....


Read reasons - and petrol donations to close ..

Recently I found very useful information . I am very surprised to know this fact , but the heart was still in doubt . So I talked with several petrol pump technicians and many of them also accept the fact .

My thoughts , petrol tank of gas that is generated from a lot of the space should be .. This is one reason only ... but apart from this, the second reason is that many petrol kiosks flowing down pipe-line ( pink in color ), which many people are not aware of . When the car's petrol tank reaches full level , when a trigger is an automatic pump and the tank full at the time of the contest - the valve opens and begins to flow back to petrol . Noting flower with a filling pipe is closed ... but the pump meter during this process continues so that you are donating the petrol back amukeka oil seller .

Another thing is that , if possible, until the early morning hours to fill up your car or bike patrol when the soil temperature is still cold . Remember that all service stations, storage tanks are below ground . In the petroleum business ( 1 ) specific gravity, and ( 2 ), petrol , diesel and jet fuel , ethanol and other petroleum products plays an important role in temperature .

1 ° increase in temperature is a big deal for this business . Return temperatures at the petrol pump is not an option . So this is not any other way .

The third thing is that we apply the less ... but keep in mind that when you go to fill up petrol nozzle trigger of the fast mode , you do you will see a trigger of care , (3) phase of the - Slow , medium fast . A low trigger mode depending on the pumping should fill petrol , so petrol is less evaporation . Pampanam all petrol nozzle on the steam vacuum system is back to kheci . If you get pumping at a rapid rate , the liquid goes back to your tank becomes vapor . The steam nozzle turns back into the underground storage tank .

The most important is that when you have half a tank of petrol filling javum . The reason for this is that when your tank is empty space less air and more petrol . Petrol evaporates faster than you can guess . Petrol tanks have an internal floating roof . The roof zero clearance between the petrol and the atmosphere serve as , so it minimizes the evaporation .

Special vat , you go and buy petrol at a petrol truck storage of petrol filling petrol Avoid paying . Possible that they were pumping into the storage tanks when jameli the dirt in your tank .

Petrol millions of buyers effectively deliver this need , this is really easy . You get less return on your money is rahayu learn and keep proper vigilance ..

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