Thursday, 19 September 2013

Samsung's new launches to bet big on demonstrations to reach TG

How about wearing a smartwatch that manages your calls, text messages and clicks pictures? It's not a path-breaking innovation by a Swiss watch-maker but Samsung's uber cool Galaxy Gear, a wearable computing device. Technology met style when the handset giant launched Samsung Galaxy Note 3 along with the Galaxy Gear.

Speaking on the occasion, Vineet Taneja, Country Head, Samsung Mobile and IT stated, “The Galaxy Note 3 represents the next evolution of the Galaxy Note experience. It meets the needs of consumers for a smarter larger screen, makes everyday life easier with the S pen and is much slimmer, lighter, more powerful, and comes with a beautiful design. At Samsung, our goal is not just to make great devices, but to empower consumers to truly experience, enjoy and fulfill their busy life with our devices, like the Note 3 and the Gear.”

Simultaneously announced with Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Gear is a new concept device that notifies users and gives them quick previews of incoming texts, emails and more coming from Galaxy Note 3.

According to estimates, the smartphone market is approximately 29 per cent of the overall market and Samsung occupies 50 per cent of the market share. Taneja feels that the smartphone market is accelerating because such phones are powerful with multitasking features that makes life easier and consumers find a utility for these devices in their lives.

“Though we started late in terms of 3G adoption, we have a good 3G network now across almost 2,000 towns, which is widespread enough. This is helping us because with poor connectivity you can never have a good experience on a large screen,” Taneja said.

He also added, “India is still depending largely on content and apps that are not homegrown and that’s where our vernacular initiative comes in where we are launching all our phones with support of up to nine languages. We are promoting the apps eco-system to develop local apps, which means apps with local relevance. Our vernacular initiative will fuel the next phase of growth.”

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