Friday, 31 January 2014

3 Things women must learn from men

Undoubtedly, man and women make two sides of the same coin as they are perfect complements to each other. Yet both sexes are uniquely different. However, there must be a thing or two that one can learn from the other.

So, taking the battle of sexes forward, we allowed men to share things the ladies could learn from them to make life a little more worth living.

1. Man teaches: Logic Lessons
"Don't hate me for pointing this out, but life will be far easier if women understand that everything in life has logic behind it. Men follow their innate logic as they take decisions, while women are absolutely unaware about the mere existence of logic. And this makes it really hard for men to deal with women," says TV actor Mihir Mishra.

Gal talk: "Women possess an innate sense of judgment, which they learn while living life. We do get influenced many a time, but at the same time we have a very 'pace-y logic' that we learn on the way. This usually makes us 'street-smart,' but unfortunately men don't relate to this and end up calling us 'logic-illiterate," says tele star Manini De.

2. Man teaches: Emotions can take a backseat at times
Usually blamed for lacking emotions, TV actor Varun Badola says, "Women must learn that every situation doesn't call for a huge emotional turmoil. Holding back one's sentiments when they are not required won't make the female sex hard-hearted and indifferent, but of course a little rational and practical."

Gal talk: Waving the emotional flag higher, TV actress Rajeshwari Sachdev maintains, "When women use emotions, they put their brains behind each one of their emotions to ensure that they don't hurt people while putting their thoughts forward. I think emotions add meaning to one's life."

3. Man teaches: Everything doesn't call for intensity
Women call it showing that they care, while men tag it as being overtly intense. "Missing breakfast is not such a big deal as women make it to be by reminding us a hundred times that we missed it. Women usually get intense about the smallest of things and situations. If they learn to chill out from men, they'll be able to enjoy life like never before," says tele star Rohit Roy.

Gal talk: Nach Baliye star Tina Kuwajerwala says, "One of the partners has to be over -the-top to make the other one feel wanted in the relationship. It's the intensity in a woman that helps her enrich every relationship in her life with depth and compassion.

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