Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Micromax A116 Canvas HD beats not just A110 but also Samsung Galaxy Grand

The handset is making waves for weeks, but finally it is available in the market. Micromax A116 Canvas HD beats not just A110 but also Samsung Galaxy Grand

Indian market has been inundated with smart-phones of all sizes and specifications, but never has any handset caught the imagination of so many people, like this one from an Indian mobile vendor Micromax. The handset comes with great display and very good features that make it really competitive to other top handsets available in the market.

Though it is a fact that this handset with mid-range specs cannot compete with Apple’s iPhone 5, Samsung’s Galaxy S3, Nokia’s Lumia 920 or for that matter just released handset from Taiwanese tech giant HTC’s One, its latest flagship handset. Those are smart-phones in different class altogether and Micromax A116 Canvas HD doesn’t really claim to challenge them. But it challenges other handsets from top smart-phone manufactures that come with mid range specs. And to be true it not just beats them in price but also in specs too.

A116 Canvas HD is here and it is proving to be the most awaited handset for the Indian market. The popularity is such that you will not be able to find it in the market very easily. On the very first day, about 9000 units were sold off by Micromax and there is a rise in demand. The reason for its popularity is the price range, which Micromax has always kept in mind. It is currently selling in the Rs 15,000 bracket and has an HD IPS screen and a quad-core SoC.

This is being referred to as a budget handset in India and can tempt anyone who wants more for less. The flaw seen in A110 however was that it did nothing that could impress analysts and seemed good only on paper. The only saving grace for this phone is the price otherwise it is unable to give a competition to similar products in the Indian market. Even the make does not catch an eye due to aesthetics.

While talking about A110, something else that comes to the mind is A116 as it is much better when it comes to quality. If you look at it from the front, it will look similar to A110 but the rear is different and better in A116 and has a glossy finish with some pixie dust sprinkled to give it a classy look. A nice shine is what gets noticed due to this and even fingerprints will get concealed with this. The A116 also has a resemblance with HTC One X, making it great at aesthetics too. Due to soft plastic, you don’t have to struggle while removing the battery cover. There are two GSM SIM slots inside with the MicroSD card slot also. Another drawback is removing the battery to insert the cards in.

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