Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Hacker uses duplicate SIM card to rob businessman of Rs 17L

A south Mumbai businessman has lost Rs 16.52 lakh to cyber thieves who hacked into the bank account of his firm and siphoned off the amount in a matter of an hour.

The accused reportedly got a duplicate SIM card of the victim's number with the help of which he procured the password for bank transactions and then transferred the money to five accounts in Kandivli, Gazipur, Delhi, Meerut and Jaipur.

Around 11am on March 21, Shishir Sadani, who owns Aarogyam Packaging Solutions Pvt Ltd, realized that his mobile had been deactivated. On contacting the mobile service provider, he was reportedly told that someone had reported theft of the SIM card and so the company had deactivated the card and also issued a duplicate SIM. Sadani told the service providers that he had not lost his card and requested them to activate his number. The duplicate SIM was also deactivated following his request.

After his mobile was reconnected around 2pm, he received five text alerts, informing of the amounts that had been debited from his firm's account. According to the text, Rs 2,48,929 was sent to the Kandivli bank, Rs 2,49,029 to Meerut, Rs 4,99,529 to Delhi and Rs 4,99,500 to Gazipur.

Wasting no time, Sadani informed the Fort branch of the nationalized bank to stop the payment but the bank could preempt only one transaction of Rs1.55 lakh, which was supposed to be transferred to an account in Jaipur.

Sadani approached the cyber crime police station at the BKC but he alleged that the authorities were least interested in nabbing the culprits, saying that the case did not fall in their jurisdiction. "The cyber crime police asked me and my father to lodge a complaint with the Cuffe Parade police. But the Cuffe Parade cops sent us back to the BKC cyber crime police," Sadani told TOI.

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