Friday, 14 June 2013

Attract Girls (Love)

1. Be available, yet not

Girls get excited when the guy plays hard to get. So while you can let her know you are available, you can play the hard-to-get card. Obviously, don’t confuse her about your intentions and
don’t go overboard with your act. Keep it flirty and naughty. This smart play is sure to attract the girls.

2. Be presentable

You will find it extremely hard to impress and attract the ladies if you walk around like a slob. So, groom yourself and be presentable. Wear well
fitted clothes that suit your body type. Throw out those cargo pants and loose shirts. Invest in good clothes and you will notice how the girls turn around for a second look.

3. Good perfume

A man that smells good is one that attracts girls. Buy an expensive perfume with a manly scent and let your smell do the talking for you. Maybe you could go for Axe after all!

4. Gadgets

Most women are not huge gadget fans. But they do like it when they see a man playing with his gadgets. A smart phone, an iPad, or a good car, all will
add to your attraction meter. Flaunt your gadgets without being too flashy and you are bound to appeal to the ladies.

5. Confidence

How you carry yourself and how you walk and talk definitely add to your attraction meter. You need to be confident and ooze of charisma. Of
course these are intangible things and you cannot really buy a product that will help you be the above. But what you can do is make an attempt to up your confidence and charisma by telling your brain to believe you are awesome. It is, but a psychological thing. If you believe you have it in you to attract the girls, you will attract them. Attracting girls is an art. You need to be classy and gentle to get the ladies to notice you. Play by our tips and there will be a day when the Axe guy will take tips from you!

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