Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Shea butter ..Vitellaria

 Softens and regenarates skin: Shea butter is about 90% fat, containing both saturated fatty acids(arachidic, palmitic and stearic acid) and unsaturated fatty acids in the form of Omega-6(linoleic acid) and Omega-9(oleic acid) fatty acids. This makes it an excellent skin moisturizer.                                                                 Moreover, it is absorbed quickly because it melts when in contact with the heat of the skin. Using unrefined shea butter is preferable because the extraction method ensures the butter preserves all of its properties.

Prevents Wrinkles: This is done in two ways. First of all, vitamins A and E and phenolic substances known as catechins confer shea(karite) butter its potent antioxidant properties. Being applied at the level of the skin, it provides on the spot protection against free radicals which cause among other things, ageing of the skin in the form of wrinkles and saggy skin. Secondly, shea butter is rich in unsaturated fatty acids(Omega-6 and Omega-9) which not only have antioxidant activity, but also moisturize the skin. According to beauty experts, a well-hydrated, moisturized skin is less prone to developing wrinkles and other visible aging signs.

Offers UV protection: In Shea butter, vitamins A and E, unsaturated fatty acids and cinnamic acid exhibit powerful antioxidant acitivity. In relation to sun exposure, Karite butter protects, to a certain extent , against UV radiation from the sun, preventing skin damage, sun burns, scars from peling skin and premature aging.

Universal skin care product: Raw shea butter can be applied locally to treat rashes, eczema, sun burns, scaly, dry skin and improve overall skin appearance. Some women claim that raw shea butter is efficient against stretch marks as well, provided it is applied from incipient stages. These skin healing properties are due to the excellent emollient and antioxidant properties of the butter, which allow the skin to regenerate properly.                                                                                                   Lip care product: Being a wonderful natural emollient, shea butter is efficient against chapped lips and, at the same time, offers UV protection.

 Efficient against dry scalp and brittle, dull hair: Being rich in healthy fatty acids, shea butter moisturizes the scalp and strengthens brittle hair, giving it a healthy shine. If possible, look for unrefined shea butter and apply it weekly on damaged hair.

 Anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor activity: Shea butter contains lupeol cinnamate, a substance which has exhibited anti-tumor proliferation and anti-inflammatory properties in laboratory models.

Shea butter might help reduce the severity of allergic reactions: The anti-inflammatory properties of lupeol cinnamate appear to inhibit overproduction of Il-4(interleukin-4), a protein responsible for triggering severe immune system responses in the presence of common allergens. However, there is extremely poor research on the matter.
When choosing hair or skin care products, look for brands which provide high percentage of shea(karite) butter.