Monday, 11 March 2013

Microsoft Establishes Cybercrime Center to Combat Piracy, Malware

Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) is consolidating its digital crimes and software piracy teams into a single Cybercrime Center in an effort to confront new ploys by Web criminals with bolder initiatives of its own.

Microsoft has been a target for Internet thieves for a generation. Bootleg software has siphoned sales away from Microsoft Office at the same time malware has reached through the Windows operating system to pinch dollars from consumers' online behavior. Now research shows counterfeit software and malware are arriving together on personal computers in emerging markets world-wide, creating a larger pool of victims for criminal enterprises and a more pressing need to address the threat.

The new center will consolidate Microsoft's digital crimes and Internet piracy units into one advanced operations center on its Redmond, Wash., campus. It will give the company one center to coordinate investigations with governments and law enforcement agencies. A staff of 30 there will work with 70 other Microsoft investigators world-wide to focus on malicious software crime, technology-facilitated child exploitation and piracy.

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