Friday, 10 May 2013

30 countries with awesome nicknames


A nickname is a replacement of the original name. There may be different reason behind that specific nickname like Napoleon named China as “The Sleeping Giant” just because he expected China as one of the greatest nations in future and he was right.
This post is dedicated to 30 countries that have awesome nicknames.

Afghanistan: Graveyard of Empires

Albania: Land of the eagles

Australia: The lucky country

Belarus: The White Rus

Bhutan: Land of the thunder dragon

Cameroon: The Armpit of Africa

Canada: A few acres of snow

Chad: The dead heart of Africa

Chile: Land of poets

Egypt: The gift of the Nile

England: Land of hope and glory

Ethiopia: The Mother Land

Finland: Land of a thousand lakes

France: The Church’s old daughter

Indonesia: The lungs of the world

Ireland: The emerald Isle

Italy: The boot

Lebanon: Switzerland of the Middle East

Lesotho: The Kingdom in the sky

Malaysia: Bolehland

Mongolia: Land of the blue sky

Paraguay: An island surrounded by land

Philippines: The pearl of the Orient Seas

Rwanda: Land of a thousand hills

South Africa: Rainbow Nation

South Korea: Land of the morning calm

Slovenia: Sunny side of the Alps

Srilanka: Pearl of the Indian Ocean

Ukraine: The bread basket of Europe

Venezuela: Land of grace

That’s it. What is the Nickname of your country? Feel free to share in comments.

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