Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Outlook.com vs. Gmail: What Microsoft is Still Missing

The great Hotmail migration is over. Microsoft recently announced 
that Hotmail as we've known it for yours is gone baby gone, and all its users have been transitioned to Outlook.com, which now boasts 
more than 400 million users worldwide. 

In its heyday, Hotmail was the go-to email client over 

competing services such as Yahoo. That changed around 

2005, when Hotmail fans inevitably got an invite to Gmail 

from one of their friends. Gmail proved to be the superior 

Webmail service, and many Hotmail accounts began to 


Microsoft's trying to shift the ball back to its court with 


Beyond its sleek aesthetic and robust social media 

integration, Microsoft has packed the service with a bevy of 

handy-dandy new features in recent months, including a 

much improved Android app, a modern UI-style calendar, the 

Skype video call preview (which is not yet available in the 

U.S.), and new SMTP send and SkyDrive integration 

improvements added yesterday. 

Gmail search is just plain better than what Outlook.com has 

to offer. That may seem obvious, but Google only recently 

upped its game for Gmail search beyond a standard inbox 

query. Most notable is its Instant search results, which 

recommends different messages you might be searching for 

as you type. You can also search inside attachments, find 

Google Drive documents, and quickly get to a standard 

Google search on the Web. 

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