Friday, 26 July 2013

TRAI Says 'Yes' To Mass Porting Of Corporate Mobile Numbers Via MNP

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has shown green signal to mass porting of corporate mobile numbers using MNP aka 'Mobile Number Portability' facility, which it launched a few months ago.

Through the facility, a person can switch to any telecom service provider of his/her choice without having to change the phone number. Before MNP, users would have to give up on their number because the series were tied to individual service operator. Until now, individual owners could easily port their numbers; but the facility was not available to corporate numbers to be moved in bulk.

The TRAI however has amended the rules to allow bulk porting of corporate numbers starting today. All the corporate numbers can now be ported to any service provider as long as there is a letter of authorization from the authorised signatory of the company, responsible for the corporate mobile numbers. 

Through their press release, the TRAI said that up to 50 corporate numbers can be ported via single porting request. The new guidelines will remain in force for a period of 90 days from today and the telecom operators will have 48 hours to port the numbers. Remember that the individual users have 24 hours for their porting requests.

TRAI had received a number of complaints after the donor operators refused several requests to port the numbers stating "contractual obligation" for the want of permission from the responsible authorities. 

We think it's definitely a good move by TRAI. Expect mass exodus from each operator in coming days. 

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